Sunday, December 15, 2013

Flashback: Metallica at Broadway Jack's, Chicago 1983


Broadway Jack's - Chicago, IL
Early and Late Set - December 15, 1983

Show Flyer and Kirk's setlist from late show

I've only missed three Metallica shows in Chicago, two of them were performed thirty years ago today.
After a performance at Metro with Raven on the "Kill Em All For One" tour earlier in the summer, Metallica returned for an encore appearance in the Windy City.

A friend who was lucky enough to be in attendance was underage. After the all ages first set was finished, he and his friend hid under a pool table so they could see the second show. Early Metal Dedication!

Metallica - Broadway Jack's, Chicago 1983

Metallica - Broadway Jack's, Chicago 1983

Bootlegs of both shows can easily be found, and besides looseness of the band and banter between band and fans, one of the more interesting things is the inclusion of "When Hell Freezes Over," the working title of the song that would ultimately become "The Call of Ktulu" on Ride The Lightning when it was released in July 1984.

Metallica - Broadway Jack's, Chicago 1983

Metallica - Broadway Jack's, Chicago 1983

Recently, the contract for these two shows along with the rider (reused from their summer tour with Raven) have been unearthed. Metallica commanded $625 per 75 minute set that evening. A far cry from the $4M nightly average Metallica pulled in 2012. 

It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll.. 

Enter Sandwich

"Time has taken its toll on you...The lines that crack your face."


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    Do you own that set list and the flyer?

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