Thursday, November 7, 2013

Live Review: Death Angel at Reggie's, Chicago 2013

Death Angel

Reggie's - Chicago, IL
November 5, 2013

Death Angel are one of my favorite bands that I tend to forget are one of my favorite bands until I see them live. 2008's Killing Season brought me back into the fold, and 2013's The Dream Calls For Blood cemented my place.

I wasn't happy about a five band bill on a Tuesday night, but wasn't about to skip the show. I had actually been in San Francisco during for the band's two hometown shows, but prior plans preventing me from attending. I wandered into the venue long enough to grab a beer, cringe at whoever was on stage, and meet up with two friends. We retreated to Reggie's bar next door in the sake of quality and sanity.

After finding a place at the bar, my friend tapped me on the shoulder to point out that Mark Osegueda was holding court at the opposite end of the bar. I knew we had a mutual friend, so I texted that friend, who told me to go and show Mark my phone. I did, and thus began a FUN evening.

I tried not to dive too deep into Geeked Out Fanboy Mode, but I do recall blabbering something about first seeing Death Angel at Medusa's in '90. At some point during our conversation, some New York transplant and his entourage came into the bar. Our groups split up at that point, and after a few more drinks we made our way over to see the show. But not before another mutual friend of the New York transplant and I texted me to go say some disparaging words to him. I did, Charlie laughed. All was good.

Fun Fact: Death Angel didn't allow anyone in the VIP area above either side of the stage. This meant the someone almost got "Caught in a Mosh" until he retreated to the balcony.

Wall of sound....Sonic Beatdown

Death Angel ruled. I initially had reservations about the "new guys" in the band (who are no longer new), but those white boys have made the band an even better live act. Death Angel now has razor sharp precision, and they pull it off effortlessly.  Mark was in great spirits on stage and mixed up the setlist a little, and even added an additional song. The crowd roared back with approval, which was awesome to see as the clock struck 12 on a late Tuesday evening.

I should have gone home. I had an 8am meeting in the morning. But I soon found myself back next door and knee deep in shots of Fernet. For those unaware, Fernet is the Malort of San Francisco. Except that unlike Malort, Fernet is much more palatable. To my surprise, Reggie's had Fernet on tap. What better way to celebrate with a Bay Area band than with their hometown shot?

Fernet on Tap

Also to my surprise, a third friend texted me to say HI to the Will, the drummer. I found Will, we also laughed at the connection and more shots were consumed. Mark made his way back to us and it was at that point I decided he was the nicest Rock Star I've ever met. We spent an hour solving the world's problems and discussed hanging out when I'm in SF next year. A truly great guy.

Drink As One

I finally got home around 5am and drunkenly tried to give my girlfriend a recap of the evening before she finally made it clear she didn't care and it was time for bed.

Job well done
Now it's time to hit the road
Seek the next target
So again, We can unload

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